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X3 Bar Variable Resistance Training

The X3 Bar is a training system that allows you to reach your fitness and physique goals faster than ever before! It uses heavy-duty elastic tubing and a steel bar which allows you to perform a variety of exercises designed to increase muscle mass, strength and bone density. 

Each X3 exercise consists of only one set performed to absolute fatigue. A full-body workout only takes 10 minutes!


Variable Resistance

To understand how the X3 Bar system works, I need to tell you about variable resistance. Variable resistance occurs when the resistance (tension on the muscle) changes as you perform an exercise. The resistance is less when you start to perform a rep and it's mostly when you're at the end of the rep. For example, if you perform the standing chest press exercise with the X3 Bar, the latex fitness bands give you less resistance when you first start to push. As you push forward, the resistance increases as the fitness bands are stretched. When you are at the top of the rep (when your elbows are almost fully locked out) this is when the X3 bands are giving you the most resistance /tension.

Variable resistance machines like X3 Bar are different than free weights. Free weights – barbells and dumbbells – give you a constant resistance. For example, if you do a biceps curl with 25-pound dumbbells, the resistance is 25 pounds when you start the exercise and 25 pounds when you finish the exercise. It's constant. It does not vary.

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