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ReCharge is a State-of-the-Art Wellness Center Offering Biohacking Technology, Functional Lab Testing, Lifestyle Coaching, and Other Resources To Help You Take Control of Your Health.

What is Biohacking?
Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best. Biohacking is all about taking control of your health.

The say goes, “You are what you eat” right? That actually applies to humans in a broader sense: Everything we put into our bodies — our foods, our thoughts, our physical movement, our immediate environment, all affect how we behave.

By biohacking yourself, you can actually transform your body so you feel more energized, more productive and, overall, like the best possible version of yourself. 

By offering a number of state-of-the art wellness resources we help you take control of your health and keep up to the challenge of 21st century living. 

Functional Wellness 

We believe in "doing what works".

Here lies the clear distinction and definition of Functional Medicine. Instead of asking, “What drug matches up with this disease?” Functional Medicine asks the vital questions that very few conventional doctors ask: “Why do you have this problem in the first place?” and “Why has function been lost?” and “What can we do to restore function?”


In other words, Functional Medicine looks to find the root cause or mechanism involved with any loss of function, which ultimately reveals why a set of symptoms is there in the first place, or why the patient has a particular disease label.

Conventional medicine starts treatment when symptoms arise and then utilizes drugs to manage symptoms without addressing the cause of the symptoms. This is a short-term, ineffective approach to healthcare. Functional medicine identifies the underlying causes of symptoms and utilizes a systematic approach to effectively address them resulting in long-term solutions.

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What We Do


How We Do It



  1. Remove Charge Drainers

  2. Add Charge Boosters


  1. Advanced Wellness Technology

  2. Superfoods & Supplements

  3. Lifestyle Modifications

  4. Diet

  5. Advanced Lab Testing

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