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ReCharge With PEMF Therapy!

Updated: May 9, 2023

PEMF therapy provides therapeutic electromagnetic signals to charge your cells. Without these fields we would not be able to survive. The earth’s magnetic field provides these therapeutic electromagnetic signals to keep us healthy, but most of us are experiencing “PEMF deficiencies” so supplementation becomes essential, and is beneficial none-the-less. The human body needs more than food and water to generate energy. Our bodies make use of PEMFs for generating cellular energy which is then used by the cells to meet the various needs of the body. The more energy the cell has, the more effectively it can do its job. Cells require a high level of energy in order to keep you healthy and to recover when faced with a health challenge.

PEMF = Cell Chargers

One way to understand PEMF therapy is to imagine that your cells are batteries and that their energy levels, or charge, can get depleted. PEMF therapy recharges your cells with vital energy, allowing them to function properly once again. There are hundreds of stressors that make your cells work overtime to keep you healthy, the more stress your cells are under, the faster they will become drained and will need recharging. Even if you think you are living a stress-free lifestyle, chances are there are hidden stressors draining your cell’s battery pack. Environmental toxins, stealth infections, food sensitivities, emotional scars, and exposure to radiation are just of the few of the things that drain cellular charge.When your cells aren’t fully charged it makes it more difficult for them to fight off any type of potentially damaging force or illness. In addition, semi-drained or drained cells aren’t able to effectively replicate to meet the body’s need for repair. When your cells are charged, you are healthy. When your cells become drained, you become drained. Simply stated, healthy cells equal healthy people. PEMF therapy optimizes cell function by acting as a charger for the cell’s battery pack.


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