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PEMF Therapy for Diabetes

Updated: May 9, 2023

Since PEMF therapy works on a cellular basis, it is able greatly to help diabetic patients. PEMF therapy also improves blood flow, which is very important in this case. One of the complications of diabetes is reduced blood flow in the limbs, usually the feet, which can eventually cause gangrene and often requires amputation. Since PEMF therapy has positive effects on nerve regeneration as well, it can also restore the function of nerves in the afflicted areas.

If you are managing diabetes, you may experience diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN), a symptom characterized by sensations of weakness and numbness on both sides of the body. DPN can dramatically reduce your quality of life, but PEMF therapy offers a chance for solace. A 2003 study from Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology found that PEMF therapy relates to reduced DPN symptoms and nerve function. With PEMF treatment, diabetic patients can minimize the discomfort associated with DPN symptoms.

Other ways in which PEMF can help with diabetes include:

· Reduces inflammation and pain

· Improves wound healing

· Improves pancreatic function

· Heals and regenerates nerves, tissues, and cells

· Improves liver function


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