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IRPs: A New Class of Immune Supplements

Updated: May 9, 2023

IRPs are immune-regulating polysaccharides that provide concentrated nutrition for your immune system.

Immune Support For The 21st Century

In today’s modern world your immune system is facing an unprecedented number of toxins and immune-stimulating antigens. It’s likely that your immune system is overworked and like many other Americans it may be stuck on overdrive leading to inappropriate immune responses. IRPs (Immune-regulating polysaccharides) are your immune system’s preferred source of nutrition for optimal performance and balance. IRPs contain rare nutrients that attach themselves to immune cells enabling them to communicate more efficiently and perform at a higher level. The human body is designed to manufacture these rare nutrients to keep your immune system happy but in today’s stressful world the chances are that your body just isn’t able to keep up with the demand for these nutrients and supplementation becomes a necessity. When your body has an adequate supply of these essential nutrients your defense system can function optimally to keep you healthy and happy. 

IRPs Balance The Immune System

Polysaccharide immunomodulators were first discovered over 40 years ago. Recent reports have revealed the mechanism of action and structure-function attributes of some of these molecules. Certain polysaccharide immunomodulators have been identified that have profound effects in the regulation of immune responses during the progression of infectious diseases, and studies have begun to define structural aspects of these molecules that govern their function and interaction with cells of the host immune system.

IRPs are Adaptogens

Adaptogens have the intelligent ability to “modulate” the systems of the body and desensitize all cells in the body to any source of stress. These superfoods enable the body to adapt to current needs and normalize function. If the immune system is overactive they will help suppress it, if it is under active they will help stimulate it. 

Where to Find IRPs?

IRPs are naturally occurring in certain superfoods that have been used for years as nature's medicine. Consider medicinal mushrooms- It's the immune-regulating polysaccharides that are responsible for these mushrooms' immune super powers. Consuming naturally occurring IRPs is a great idea, but sometimes your immune system needs more than what can be received by this method. GlycoLife Sciences has solved this challenge by developing the world's first comprehensive, IRP formula. Immune Nutrition™ contains six proprietary IRPs to keep your immune system up to the challenge of 21st century living. This advanced formula combines the world's top clinically proven IRP extracts from nature and brings them together in perfect harmony to provide advanced immune health solutions.


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