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This amazing technology is also referred to as EAV (Electro-Acupunture according to Voll). EAV was developed out of the research of Dr. Reinhold Voll, an M.D., anatomy professor, and acupuncturist, who began his clinical analysis in the late 1940s. Dr. Voll was able to scientifically document something that Chinese acupuncture had known for centuries. In the human body, there are higher levels of electrical conduction or, in other words, areas of less resistance at certain points on the skin. Many of these points correspond to traditional acupuncture points. Fascinated by this finding, he developed a simple metering device to measure the skin resistance on acupuncture points. The meter had a metal cylinder at one end and a stylus at the other.

The essential part of the EAV equipment is an Ohm meter, which measures electron flow in a circuit. The body operates largely by a series of electrical impulses which have been shown to follow certain pathways. We access these pathways via points on the skin where there are changes in the electrical resistance or the ability of the tissue to conduct electricity. A healthy pathway will be able to sustain a certain level of electron flow.

The inflammation tends to foster increased activity in the cells, multiple chemical reactions taking place. Electrons can flow at a greater rate through this type of active environment. Thus, if inflammation exists anywhere along the pathway, the EAV will show a higher than average flow of electrons and a reading of greater than 50.

Degenerative states cause the cellular activity to slow and stagnate, making it more difficult for electrons to flow through the circuit. In such states, a reading of less than 50 will be indicated. The most significant information from EAV testing occurs when the circuit has a high electron flow which then drops to a lower reading. This finding indicates that a circuit which was formerly capable of sustaining an electron flow is no longer able to do so. This reading suggests there is a disturbance in the circuit.

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