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PEMF Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that attacks the central nervous system, and its mechanism is not yet clear. The nerve fibers of the central nervous system have a protective layer called myelin. Apart from offering protection, myelin also helps them transmit electrical signals. MS causes this myelin to disappear in certain areas, impairing nerve function, and leaving a scar that is called sclerosis. That is the meaning of the name of the disease – multiple sclerosis, or multiple scars.

PEMF therapy can affect the neurological tissue at the most basic, cellular level. There isn’t much information at this time to suggest that PEMF can reduce the size of MS scars; however, there is substantial evidence that proves PEMF therapy can slow down the progression of MS, and reduce recurrences. PEMF can also alleviate many multiple sclerosis symptoms, such as cognitive function, fatigue, mood changes, and other affected bodily functions. This is because PEMF improves the function of all cells in the body, including those affected by MS.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that PEMF can have a significant role in treating MS. PEMF is effective on multiple levels, first it will help repair damage caused to the Myelin sheath, second it will help with neuroplasticity in reprogramming damaged areas of the brain.

One of the visible manifestations of MS is spasticity. Spasticity is the increasing stiffness and a slowdown in movement of the limbs. Over time posture will change due to muscle weakness. Sometimes involuntary muscle spasms can occur which can be painful. This can cause embarrassment as control of motor functions can become impaired. PEMF has proven to be helpful in this area: Results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled study indicate that pulsed electromagnetic fields administered daily over a period of 15 days is a generally effective treatment in reducing symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis, with the most positive improvements involving the alleviation of spasticity and pain.

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