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How much EMF exposure are you facing at home? 

It is good to know where the sources of EMFs are in your everyday world and how strong these sources are so you can rearrange devices or make changes to help eliminate unnecessary EMF stress.


Is the vaporizer emitting strong fields in the baby’s room?

Is there wiring in the wall behind your bed that you don’t even know about?

How much EMF radiation are you and your family getting from the power lines in the street?

How many electronic devices are plugged in, not being used, but emitting large amounts of EMF radiation?


EMFs are "charge drainers" that put extra stress on your body wearing it down over time. Research continues to show negative health effects of EMF exposure. Many time this can be an unknown contributor to your health challenges preventing you from recovering or just feeling yourself throughout the day.

ReCharge offers EMF testing where we will visit your home to conduct an EMF test. We will show you how much EMF radiation you are being exposed to and how to reduce the load. This will help you provide a safer living environment for you and your family.

We offer advanced solutions to help you ReCharge and stay charged!

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